ENERGY STAR: The Power of Participation

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Posted By: Bob Best
Investor Services Lead
United States
Energy and Sustainability Services

The old saying is that every journey starts with a single step.  The same is true of energy savings.  While the focus is most often on the big, spectacular projects, the real savings start with people and habits.  To get people oriented toward savings, at home or in the workplace, they need a focal point … something simple.
The ENERGY STAR Pledge is a fantastic place to start, an easy first step.
In October of this year, we at Jones Lang LaSalle decided to commit our total employee population to the ENERGY STAR Pledge.  That’s right, 100% of our employees would take the Pledge.  After a month-long effort, that included every communications vehicle we could think of (e-mails, posters, newsletter ads, broadcast phone messages, payroll stuffers, town hall meetings and more); we are now at 63% (7,000 employees) and we continue to add people every day.  Our message is consistently simple: “Take the Pledge.  It takes a minute.”  We are now proudly number 2 on the ENERGY STAR Pledge organization list, following only the U.S. Department of Defense.
Does it really make a difference?  ENERGY STAR automatically calculates the impact of the energy reductions on the Pledge site. In our case, those 7,000 employees have pledged to take actions that will save 142 million pounds of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, over $11 million, nearly 78 million kWh and 197 billion BTUs.
But, there’s something far more important, and that’s the individual impact.  Another employee stopped me in the hall at work the other day and told me they had taken the Pledge on a Friday and was out buying light bulbs the next day.  He said he would have never even thought about compact fluorescents before, but that’s what he bought, because it was on his mind.  Multiply that story by 7,000 and something magical starts to happen.
ENERGY STAR makes it so easy.  I’d encourage every company to take that first step.
To check out the ENERGY STAR Pledge site, click here.

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