Does green pay off?

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Bob Best
Investor Services Lead
United States
Energy and Sustainability Services

One thing that building owners have been seeking is solid verification that “going green” makes economic sense. There have been a number of reports published that “suggest” this is the case or indicate returns that are simply too fantastic to believe. Now, CoStar, in conjunction with the University of San Diego, has published a study that provides solid proof that ENERGY STAR achievement and LEED certification clearly pay out on the bottom line. With CoStar’s immense property database, they were able to make comparisons between LEED or ENERGY STAR buildings and their direct competitive sets. The most recent findings in the study (1Q-2009) prove the point:

* ENERGY STAR Buildings – 2.5% Higher Occupancy and $4.73/sf higher rental rates
* LEED Buildings – 5.4% Higher Occupancy and $9.06/sf higher rental rates

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