Water – The Next Green Wave

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Bob Best
Investor Services Lead
United States

While most sustainability efforts have focused on energy reduction, a new issue has been quietly sneaking up and will take a far more prominent role in the future … water.

In an article in the November issue of Building Operating Management, Bill Hoffman points out that water efficiency is already becoming an area of growing focus in the real estate industry.  Consider:

• Since 2001, water and wastewater costs have risen 1.45 times faster than electricity costs
• The EPA is now predicting that 37 states will have non-drought-related water supply shortages by 2013
• This year there have been 10 House bills and 3 Senate bills related to water efficiency
• In 2009, the U.S.G.B.C. greatly tightened its water efficiency requirements for LEED
• The Federal Government has already mandated that all federal facilities reduce water use by 16% by 2015

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