Greening in the New Year

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Dan Probst - Jones Lang LaSallePosted by:
Dan Probst
Global Lead
United States
Energy and Sustainability Services

The folks over at asked me the one thing I’m most excited about in 2010, and it was tough choosing just one thing. Since this forum gives me a freer hand, I’d like to list my top 10 green reasons for looking forward to the new decade:

1. Virtually every U.S. city now has a few LEED certified existing buildings, and most of them are getting results that make other owners want to get certified as well.
2. A widely reported study, showing that LEED NC buildings don’t always perform as well as they were designed to do, has been a wake-up call for building owners that a building is only as green as its facility management program.
3. Of the 4,328 LEED certified projects in existence, 2,090 – more than 48% – achieved certification in 2009.  That’s more than 5.7 certifications per day.
4. The number of buildings participating in ENERGY STAR has more than doubled in the past two years
5. New York City recently joined Washington D.C. in requiring buildings to disclose energy performance, ensuring that efficiency will take on greater importance to tenants and owners.
6. The groundbreaking energy retrofit analysis of the Empire State Building has continued to gain interest from owners interested in replicating the process
7. Having measured our own carbon footprint, Jones Lang LaSalle is better able to advise clients on how to measure theirs, an important step toward reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.
8. In its third year of existence, our Energy and Sustainability Services team has continued to grow dynamically as our colleagues in virtually every service line have learned how these services can benefit their clients.
9. Our third annual Sustainability Survey with CoreNet Global confirms that sustainability is a critical issue to more and more companies, and they are seeking financially viable measures and sound metrics to achieve their corporate goals.
10. The recent Copenhagen Summit, the bills before the U.S. Congress and confirmation of the EPA’s ability to regulate greenhouse gases are all motivations for owners and occupiers to continue to improve the energy and sustainability performance of their buildings.

Have a great year!

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