Greening of IT – closing the communication gap between CIOs and CFOs

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Tom Freeman
Managing Director
Mission Critical Solutions
United States

 CEO’s and Boards of Directors are facing difficult profitability decisions in today’s competitive and fast-paced information-based world.  Transactions must occur and vital data must be available instantly or customers go to the next competitor.  Whether it is a stock trade where milliseconds could be worth millions or medical information that could save a life, it simply must happen.  These decisions are often “stay-in-business” issues rather than “nice-to-have” operational adaptations. 

With data center capital expenditures and operating expenses growing faster than IT budgets, change is inevitable.  And, when a 50MW data center consumes enough energy to power a community of 30,000 homes, the carbon emission spotlight is directed right on top of this fast-growing market segment.

Jones Lang LaSalle will be addressing these challenges at a timely event this Thursday in Dallas. We are participating in an executive exchange:  “Greening of IT and closing the communication gap between CFO’s and CIO’s”.  Kenneth Brill, founder of Uptime Institute, led the team that set most standards of measurement used in the industry today. He will be presenting the benefits of cost-effective, greening of IT and will dispel a few myths about its impact to cap ex.  Jones Lang LaSalle’s Global CFO/COO, Lauralee Martin, will offer the perspective of corporate financial executives who act as go-betweens with CIOs and CEO/Boards and who must strike the balance between right-sizing IT cap ex and being a green corporate citizen.

Our expert panelists include these industry heavyweights who live in this world everyday and who are leaders in design and application of data center strategies for their clients and corporations: 

Christina Page – Yahoo!
Chris Crosby – Digital Realty Trust
Michael Richard- Oracle
Bob Morris – Corgan Architects

Can your mission critical facilities strategic plan afford the greening of IT?  Can it afford not to?

Be sure to check back here.  Following the seminar, we will be sharing some of the key takeaways and insights from this session.

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