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Michele DeLay
United States
Strategic Consulting

Many of our clients are implementing sustainability initiatives at their respective offices, which is fantastic. But the greatest program in the world will not be successful unless there is adoption by the intended audience – and many times for sustainability programs, the intended audience is the employee base at large.

So how can you connect with and engage the employees at your firm? One way is reaching out via a popular social network: Facebook. Jones Lang LaSalle is sponsoring a Facebook group, A Cleaner Tomorrow, which provides employees from both JLL and our clients to interact and share information in regard to sustainability.

This Facebook group is an open forum to post links, videos, and messages and generally offers you the opportunity to be a part of a group that is interested in sustainability both at work and at home. Posts to date have included conversations about LED lights, tips around consuming less water, a link to a David Letterman skit on composting, and pictures of “Gadgets we like”.

Although Facebook is an unconventional medium for communicating with our co-workers, because of its informality and because many employees already frequently use Facebook, it’s an easy way to disseminate information and engage employees in a non-threatening, inbox-saving way.

Click here to join, use your Facebook log-in and become a fan – it’s easy and it’s free.

Hope to see you online!

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