10 ways employees can "go green"

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Beth Hayden
Human Resources

Earth Day is quickly approaching. As an employee, you may think “that’s great’ and “I support it” yet do nothing more. The truth is, you can make a difference. You can contribute to making your workplace sustainable.  It’s important today and critical for our future. Below are 10 simple ways employees can help.

1. Bring lunch from home to reduce cafeteria and restaurant waste.
2. Print documents only when necessary, and use double-sided printing when possible.
3. Learn which plastic lunch items are and are not recyclable, and wash food particles from recyclable containers before depositing
4. Use a coffee mug and reusable water bottle instead of paper cups and disposable plastic bottles.
5. Turn off your computer at night and unplug the adaptor—even an idle adaptor draws energy.
6. Bring your laptop to meetings to avoid printing out presentation materials.
7. When working late, use task lighting at your desk instead of lighting an entire floor.
8. Take mass transit or carpool to work if possible; or better yet, walk or ride a bicycle if you live close enough to the office.
9. Place plants in your office space to help absorb indoor pollution.
10. Turn out conference room lights when meetings are over.

If you are already doing any of these actions, then good for you!  For those that aren’t, please use Earth Day as a reminder that employees can help make a difference.


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