“Why” Companies Should Care

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Michael Jordan
Energy and Sustainability Services

The CoreNet Global Spring Summit, the biggest  corporate real estate gathering of the season,  just concluded. Many of the sessions explored typical CRE topics such as portfolio value creation, but in keeping with the Summit’s “Business Unusual” theme of innovation, many of the topics touched on—or at least reminded me of—sustainability.

Some sessions had sustainability baked in, such as the energy efficiency collaboration between Citi and the Clinton Climate Initiative, a discussion of to green your leases, and even leading-edge topics such as using biomimicry to inspire city development projects. The most enlightening session was Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” presentation, the gist of which was that clients and employees stay loyal to you when they connect with your “why,” as in, why you do business, why you exist. 

The single biggest area of innovation for corporate real estate departments is sustainability (including energy).  The corporate sector is driving incredible rates of innovation in this space and if CRE leaders can tap 25% of it, they can add much new value to their own story of company and customer support. We talk about the business case every day. But on Earth Day, let’s not forget that a sincere and consistent commitment to sustainability can also be a very powerful “why”.

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