Earth Day: Simple is Better

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Dan Pufunt
Property Management


Today is Earth Day, and it’s a good time to think about the simple things that property managers can do or start thinking about to improve sustainability. Even the simpliest, smallest efforts add up and can create a healthier workplace, a healthier bottom line, and a healthier and more sustainable global community.

Here a ten ideas … some easy, all simple:

1.  Replace traditional base building light bulbs with high efficiency/low mercury lighting.
 2.  Install carbon dioxide detectors to ensure enough fresh air is circulating.
 3.  Don’t over-ventilate: It’s important to have enough fresh air, but outside air must be heated or cooled to inside temperatures, increasing energy use.
 4.  Follow a consistent schedule of checking and replacing filters.
 5.  Sub-meter equipment for better data on where energy is being used, so that when there is an unexpected rise in energy, the problem can be isolated more easily.
 6.  Use cleaning supplies and restroom paper products that meet EPA’s Environmentally Preferred Purchasing guidelines or are certified by organizations such as Green Seal  7.  Ensure that parking-lot lights are shielded to focus light on the ground instead into the sky or neighboring properties, avoiding light pollution.
 8.  Follow integrated pest management principles that pose the least risk to people and the environment at the most economical cost.
 9.  Utilize high-efficiency irrigation technologies.
 10. Work with municipalities to permit motion-sensitive lighting in emergency stairwells.

The key is to get started. Its never too late to be an environmentally responsible property manager!

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