Cool Roofs In Philly

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Michael P. McCurdy
Market Director

When Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter signed a new law on cool roofs earlier this month, the rooftop 1515 Market Street provided the perfect location, with an excellent view of City Hall in the background and a great example of the type of reflective roofing surface the law encourages under our feet.

The owners of 1515 Market Street—1515 Market Street Acquisition Partners, LP, represented by James Paterno and Doug Veasey of Stockton Real Estate Advisors—decided to install a cool roof as part of an overall sustainability program at the building.  Cool roofs are highly reflective and emissive materials that deflect the sun’s light and heat. This benefits the building’s tenants by minimizing the need for air conditioning, thus reducing energy cost and enhancing tenant comfort. Even though they are white, cool roofs are often considered ‘green roofs’ along with more expensive vegetated roofs.

The Philadelphia bill mandates cool roofs only on newly constructed buildings, not existing buildings. When organizers for Councilman Kenney, who sponsored the bill, found out that a cool roof was being installed at 1515 Market Street, they asked if the bill signing ceremony could take place on the rooftop.

Councilman Kenney’s folks made this discovery in a meeting with officers of BOMA Philadelphia, including Deanna Ballinger, who serves as General Manager of 1515 Market Street as an executive at Jones Lang LaSalle. Deanna got approvals from the owners, managed the logistics of holding the rooftop event, and said a few words at the ceremony on behalf of the owners and BOMA Philadelphia. That’s pretty cool.

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