Oil Spill Reaches Far Beyond the Gulf

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Bob Best
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While the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is having obvious effects on the environment, the accident is spurring actions in the sustainability movement that could have far-reaching impacts.

President Obama said recently during an address at Carnegie Mellon University, that the oil spill has influenced his thinking toward a price on carbon emissions as a way to divert private investment from fossil fuels to clean energy.

As a result of the spill, the debate over off-shore drilling has taken a new turn. Senators opposed to off-shore drilling are pointing to the spill as support for their positions. 

“This sad event demonstrates that the senators concerned about the impacts of offshore drilling have real concerns, not hypothetical ones,” said Dan Weiss, Director of Climate Strategy at the Center for American Progress.

I’m not suggesting the increased sustainability debate caused by the oil spill constitutes a silver lining to a dark, oily cloud; but nothing gets attention faster than a disaster.  People who never thought much about sustainability before are realizing that the issue is inescapable.

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