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Gary Graham
Energy and Sustainability Services

Commercial real estate professionals may think of ENERGY STAR as an energy performance benchmarking for buildings, but most people still think of it as a seal of approval for appliances and electronics.

Now the folks at ENERGY STAR are showing office managers and HR executives how to “Bring Your Green to Work” with a new Energy Education Toolkit for non-experts. The toolkit explains why energy awareness in the workplace is good business, and provides helpful materials to set up and publicize a brown-bag lunch event in an office or industrial setting to get employees engaged in the process.

Click here to read more about the Energy Education Toolkit.

At our client sites and in our own operations, we have seen consistent evidence that energy awareness works. When employees understand the issue and learn what they can do to help, they change their behavior in small ways that add up to big energy savings, a smaller carbon footprint and greater job satisfaction. It turns out we feel better about our companies and our jobs when we act in an environmentally responsible way. Even more interesting, studies show that many people take the lessons learned at work into their home life.

We’re about six weeks away from entering Energy Awareness Month; the Energy Education Toolkit arrives just in time for HR professionals to develop a winning plan.

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