A data center achieves ENERGY STAR designation

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Peter Belisle, President
Energy and Sustainability Services

BNY Mellon announced this week that its Northpointe Data Center in Pennsylvania has received an ENERGY STAR label, making it one of the first data centers in the country to achieve the designation.  A team of Jones Lang LaSalle, H.F. Lenz and Mechanical Operations Company assisted BNY Mellon in making the improvements that increased the efficiency of power and cooling systems in the 71,000 square-foot center.

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The ability of data centers to get ENERGY STAR ratings is big news. Data centers use far more energy per square foot than other properties, and as more and more activities are conducted on-line, the amount of data center space is growing by leaps and bounds. In recent years, major players in the IT industry have realized the need to be energy efficient, both to save money and to be environmentally responsible. But the inability to benchmark energy performance has been an obstacle.

Not any more. ENERGY STAR created a pilot program–in which Jones Lang LaSalle participated–to measure energy performance in data centers across the country as a baseline for setting benchmarks. With the help of organizations such as USGBC, Uptime Institute and ASHRAE, ENERGY STAR created a set of guiding principles regarding Power Usage Effectiveness in data centers.  The program was formally launched in June, and BNY Mellon was one of the first firms to pursue a rating.

Regular readers of this blog know that Jones Lang LaSalle is highly supportive of energy efficiency in data centers, as well as an ENERGY STAR Partner. We’re excited to participate in the success of this great program.

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