U.S. gov't integrates sustainability in operations

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Jiri Skopek
Energy and Sustainability

I attended the GovEnergy training workshop and tradeshow in Dallas last week, where GSA Administrator Martha Johnson compared the current state of the renewable energy industry to the exciting early days of the automotive industry in Detroit, when many companies were tinkering and developing new innovations.

Martha also emphasized the government’s role to influence change in regards to its sheer buying power. The government’s view is that greenhouse gas emissions reporting and other sustainability measures must now be integrated with all operations. Naturally, this lends a new level of complexity, as these laudable objectives can get bogged down in bureaucratic quagmire.

And that’s where Jones Lang LaSalle’s streamlined approach and industry proven tools can help organizations. We’ve put a great deal of time and thought into developing systems that translate property-level energy data into useful enterprise-level information, in a very efficient manner. So, while some companies have trouble even determining their energy usage, our energy services clients can compare per-square-foot usage across multiple properties to identify and address problem areas quickly. We can calculate the carbon footprint of all their owned properties, and show how energy-efficiency initiatives help reduce emissions. It may not be as revolutionary as the Model T was, but it’s innovative.

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