Live from CoreNet: Green Globes assessments

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Mary Curtiss
Energy and Sustainability Services

Yesterday I went to a really good CoreNET session “The Story Behind McDonalds Green Globes Assessments,” a presentation by my colleague Michael Jordan.  What a great program for establishing a baseline measurement of the sustainability of an office portfolio.

The Green Globes tenant space assessment for McDonalds offices looked at five areas of environmental performance that are specific to offices in multi-tenant buildings:

  • Energy features and management practices
  • Employee commutation and travel
  • Material resources use
  • Waste stream management
  • Procurement practices

We view these sorts of assessments as annual checkups for your space.  Generating a sustainability score allows management to quantify performance and to identify gaps across the portfolio.  As opposed to assessing one building at a time, the portfolio analysis we did for McDonalds prioritized actions that the company could take across 25 offices for maximum return on effort.

For example, McDonalds was able to see which of its offices already are strong performers in employee commute reduction, which is important for carbon reduction and for employee convenience.  The offices that had not yet made progress managing commutes could learn from those with good practices.  By putting green teams and sustainability champions in place, armed with specific data about the portfolio’s environmental strengths and weaknesses, the corporate management team could focus improvement efforts where they would make the most difference.

Using a simple online tool like Green Globes is a great way to collect comparable data as well as for companies that are interested in exploring ENERGY STAR or LEED certification.

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