The 4 rules of a sustainable portfolio

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Michael Jordan
Energy and Sustainability Services

I occasionally get this question from my corporate clients:  “What makes a sustainable portfolio?”  If you ask the USGBC, they’ll probably tell you about their volume LEED certification programs (in various stages for retail and office space).  The USGBC volume program is not really focused on the unique challenge of a corporate portfolio as a whole system, but rather on the challenge of scaling the certification process.  A sustainable portfolio is something else entirely.

I’d offer these 4 questions as a starting point in determining whether you operate a sustainable corporate real estate portfolio:

  1. Can the company add operations without adding to its greenhouse gas emissions, water footprint or “VOC footprint”?
  2. Can the company can add people without adding square footage?
  3. Can the company work effectively across geographies without travelling?
  4. Are employees inspired, energized and maintaining a work-life balance?

Does your portfolio operate this way?

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