A wave is coming

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Christopher J. Hall, CGP, CAPS
Habitat for Humanity of Kent County

If there was a better way to do something, that costs less, is less harmful to your surroundings, and can improve the life you live, you’d be crazy not to consider it. Right? As a home builder, my industry is very good at doing things the way they’ve always been done. Very low tolerance for change.  So maybe my challenge to consider that the “better way” doesn’t come easily to everyone who builds homes. Fine. Sit back, continue to do what you’ve always done and be prepared to go out of business.

A wave is coming. It’s going to wash away so many of the old assumptions we residential builders have made over the years. It’s going to challenge the way we look at every aspect of the homes we build and the way we build them. This wave is what folks at USGBC have named “Generation Green”. A wave of people who think differently about buildings.

Whether defined by age (millennials) or education (got one?), doesn’t matter. This Generation is going to change the marketplace. Those builders who sit back, insisting all this sustainability stuff is just a fad, are about to be washed over by a wave of interest in the better way to build.

As I walk into McCormick Place in beautiful downtown Chicago I’m surrounded by Generation Green. When I get home, I’m bringing the wave with me. Jump in, won’t you?

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