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Michael Jordan
Energy and Sustainability Services

No matter what steps building owners and managers take to reduce energy and water usage and waste, they can’t achieve complete success without addressing buildings’ most valuable resource: its occupants. Every day, more companies realize that employee engagement in sustainability is not simply a matter of communicating green ideas to them. An important element is giving employees an active role in making their workplace greener.

Some companies have recognized this face for years, and have developed sustainability programs that leverage the passion that many of their employees have for creating a greener world. At the panel I’m hosting Thursday morning at 8:30 am, “Effective Employee Engagement Strategies,” corporate executives who have advanced sustainability at their companies will discuss ways they brought employees into the process.

Not every employee is into sustainability. But companies are surprised at the level of interest they find when employees are asked for ideas, or when they look for volunteers to participate in green initiatives. The end result is not only a more successful sustainability program but also better employee morale and productivity.

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