Is triple-glazing the new standard?

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Nadav Malin
Building Green

The ASHRAE 90.1-2010 WWF limitation was just shot down, and mainstream manufacturers are telling us that triple glazing is too expensive and heavy, so we should just inefficient glass facades as a fact of life. They don’t seem to be accounting for the wave of technology innovation, though. In the build-up to Greenbuild, we’ve gotten announcements from two separate partnerships that are making triple glazing lightweight and cost-effective.

First was Southwall and Dow, with the Heat Mirror suspended film now available in IGUs for structural sealant curtain walls. We wrote about that in the latest issue of Environmental Building News.

Next came Serious Materials and YKK, with their own suspended film, curtain wall solution. In a few years, the idea of u-0.25 glazing won’t scare off developers any more!

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