Green schools? We’re in the right place

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Melanie Kahl
Aimee Eckmann

When Tuesday’s Greenbuild conference opened with a herald on the importance of green schools, we knew we were in the right place. We have a deep rooted belief in the power of sustainable design in the education to transform the nation and the world. Why? The list is lengthy for sure, but here are a few highlights.

  1. Green schools mean healthy schools; healthy schools mean healthy kids: Designing to sustainable standards means that developing minds and bodies are in facilities with adequate daylight and views, devoid of harmful toxins, and with optimal indoor environmental quality and acoustical enhancements. This translates into healthy bodies and increased academic performance.
  2. Schools act as a beacon on a hill for communities: When schools take leadership in sustainable design, communities take note.
  3. Operational savings mean educational gains: For every 100,000 dollars saved by a district, that puts $100,000 back into the budget for the real work of schools – education. This could mean two teachers, a section in the library, or even a green roof.

Perkins+Will has been designing socially responsible schools for 75 years and is committed to the 2030 challenge. Find out more about our work at or follow our education sector on twitter at perkinswill_EDU.

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