I am the Green Generation!

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Jovie Calma
VIA Times

Yesterday, November 16, kicked off one of the year’s biggest sustainable design conferences in the world. There are 30,000 attendees from all over the world. There are 1,000 companies participating  and 1,800 booths. What an amazing experience to be a part of this HUGE event that makes a difference!

I had the opportunity to listen to one of the phenomenal people I know in the rich land of the United States of America. I was able to listen and gain knowledge from the wisdom of Ret. US General Colin  R. Powell, the keynote speaker for the Opening Plenary. Allow me to share his insights on leadership. Leadership is when everyone is working together for one common goal… when everyone followes a well-established system… when everyone is able to realize and define their respective purposes in life. Each one of us comes from a different background… different careers… different culture… different colors… but the bottom line  is that WE are all here in the same room with ONE GOAL:  to HEAL the WORLD… CREATE a BETTER FUTURE and PASS ON that LEGACY to our SUCCESSORS!

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