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Teresa Burrelsman
Eco Via Consulting

The most interesting part of Colin Powell’s plenary was his journey from lofty General and Secretary of State into just a “regular” guy trying to figure out what comes next. His advice to us green builders to “show the intensity of our passions and get others to resonate with us” reminds me of Paul Hawken’s “pull don’t push” mantra. Mr. Powell may miss his jet, limo and staff, but he is indeed onto the next big thing – green energy and affordable housing. It says a lot when green clearly crosses party lines, as this former Republican takes a lead on investing in combined heat and power generation systems Bloom Box. With an impressive host of followers – Google, Coca Cola, Fed Ex and others – installing their own on-site generation, Mr Powell suggests that we are moving to a “cellular” energy society and hopes that this technology will bring electricity to many areas in the developing world who are off the grid not by choice but by default.

Thanks Mr. Powell for sharing your journey. Maybe your next limo will be a hybrid.

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