Brain power, water bottles & the Swedes

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Kirstie Paterson

As a first time Greenbuilder, I am floored by the number of ways that our collective minds have addressed the “green” conundrum. From the expected but exciting advances in everything from lighting to wind energy, to a whole host of innovative and creative solutions brought to Chicago by the Nordic Solutions (a consortium of Scandinavian companies and organisations) it is truly inspiring how far the industry has come in a relatively short time frame.

Of course the highlight of Greenbuild is the number and diversity of connections under one roof, although a close second has to be the conference’s own green initiatives. A personal favorite is the recycling stations where volunteers guide your trash to the correct bin (organic vs. garbage?) and make available water for those toting their own water bottles. Signs inform me that the carpet we are walking on will one day be recycled into a new carpet (as it is white I expect this to be sooner rather than later).

When we welcome Greenbuild to Toronto, my hope is that the organisers will further their own greening and take advantage of the sea of tablets, mobiles and laptops with digital directories. I bet there is an ap for that, or at least a QR code.

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