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Tim Ward
H A International

Spending hours walking around Greenbuild today and my final thought before leaving the show floor was that first footstep or in this case footprint.  Yes, the single step that will lead to a long journey of eco-recognition and sustainable success started today.  What is my carbon footprint?  What about my water footprint?  These are all questions that are being answered one step at a time here at GreenBuild.  Companies and organizations like Sloan, Jones Lang LaSalle, USGBC, Caroma and hundreds of others are providing insight and innovation that will take us to a more green-friendly planet in the years ahead….and it all starts with a single step. 

As the  tagline I am staring at states, “Real Value in a Changing World”.  GreenBuild was an exceptional event to gain access to the leaders in this world.

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