Where there is one there are many…

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Jonas Risen
Ziger / Snead LLP

Where there is one there are many.

Walking through the expo for two days has taught me a few things. One is that the pace of innovation in the green building industry is happening rapidly. Another is that the innovations seem to come in pairs. An example: We just finished installing three absolutely amazing Solatube skylight/daylights in our Baltimore Maryland LEED Platinum Habitat for Humanity Rowhouse rehab (www.sandtowngreenhouse.org) project. These solatubes light up the central stair and bathroom of a 12′ wide center of block rowhouse and come with all the bells and whistles available including dampeners to ‘turn off’ the sunlight, a fluorescent bulb to ‘turn on’ the skylight at night, and all sorts of other accessories. This is the Ferrarri of skylights.

The interesting thing is that until yesterday I wasn’t even aware of any other ‘solatube’ manufacturers. Today I know of at least four with a few more tentative startups trying to innovate in the same space. Velux, Solatube and all the others where not even around a few years ago and now there is a proliferation of concepts for how to bring natural light deep into buildings.

So it seems that the building industry is innovating really quickly and that great products are showing up every day… It also seems however that these products don’t hold on to their competitive advantage for very long and that there is a real and urgent race to achieve market penetration.

Where there is one there are many… where there are many there will be more…

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