Where’s the info on the South & South Central region?

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There seems to be a heavy emphasis on Atlantic Coast, Pacific Coast, & Northern climates at this year’s conference.  Information, general or specific, to the Gulf Coast (yes, the United States has three coasts) and Southern climates is broadly under represented.  While many of us from the South & South Central regions may not worry about energy usages due to a heating load, we are hugely concerned about how much power, water, and other resources are devoted to cooling loads.  Energy may be relatively less expensive – but in context, the cost is there.  One hopes that at GreenBuild 2011, the focus of several discussions will deal with how to implement LEED better in the broad swath of the world represented by these climates.  Further, an understanding of the use of water (!) in desert climates, as represented by the 20/40 quadrilateral would be appreciated.

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