Green moments in 2010

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Peter Belisle
Energy and Sustainability Services, President

The goal of this blog is to share our experience and perspective on energy and sustainability issues rather than blatantly promote our accomplishments at Jones Lang LaSalle. But as I look back at the best moments of 2010, I can’t help focusing on the great things our people have done to advance the cause of green buildings. What the heck – if you can’t toot your horn during the New Year, when can you? In that spirit, here are some of the highlights of the past year:

Winning ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – We’ve had a companywide initiative for several years to participate in ENERGY STAR at every turn, from making our employees and clients aware of the value of energy efficiency at work and at home, to ensuring that every building we manage participates in the benchmarking program. Gaining recognition from ENERGY STAR early in 2010 was a huge honor, and one that we hope to repeat.

Expanding our solar power expertise – We’ve managed solar power installations in the past, but hiring solar industry leader Dave Gralnik and forming Solar Power Solutions in 2010 has opened up a new world of opportunity to serve our clients, just when renewable energy is becoming a viable alternative in some parts of North America.

Creating a seamless global operation – Jones Lang LaSalle has completed high-profile green projects and won awards in countries around the globe, and conducts facility management for many of the world’s largest multi-national corporations. We know that sustainability means different things in different places. In 2010, our Chairman of Energy and Sustainability Services, Dan Probst, focused on the challenge of creating a framework of best practices to optimize consistency across a global platform while allowing for local differences. Dan is giving new meaning to the phrase, Think Globally, Act Locally.

Helping to launch Greenprint Foundation – Speaking of global consistency, an international consortium of large real estate owners formed Greenprint this year to collect and aggregate information on energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions across properties totaling several billion square feet. Jones Lang LaSalle has the honor of providing the technology platform that protects the privacy of individual buildings and owners while allowing participants to benchmark performance across geographies. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Greenprint in 2011 and beyond.

Leading the way into green data centers – We served as project manager of one of the first LEED certified data centers in the world, and also sponsored the Green Enterprise IT award at the industry-leading Uptime Institute annual conference, at which our CFO, Lauralee Martin, was a key speaker.

Speaking at the White House – Our Chairman of Public Institutions, Herman Bulls, spoke about energy efficiency to a Washington crowd that included top officials from the Department of Energy, the General Services Administration and the Obama Administration. It was the second time Herman has spoken at the White House on energy issues, and part of an ongoing initiative to educate decision-makers at all levels of government on the value of policies that enable energy gains in commercial buildings.

I didn’t get a chance to mention achieving a 90 ENERGY STAR rating at the Empire State Building, or the California Sustainability Alliance award, or the energy awards bestowed on our headquarters building in Chicago. We close out the year feeling proud about these accomplishments.

Have a great and green 2011!

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