Kudos to Empire State Building Subs

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Dana Schneider
Energy and Sustainability Services

Now that the main infrastructure work on the Empire State Building energy retrofit is done, I’d just like to say to all our partners and sub-contractors on the project: You guys are the best!

The unprecedented level of attention this project has received focused initially on the analytical model developed by Jones Lang LaSalle, Rocky Mountain Institute, Johnson Controls and Clinton Climate Initiative. That’s good, because the analysis we conducted can and should be done before every energy retrofit, and most commercial buildings could benefit from a retrofit.  There has also been a lot of interest in some of the specific strategies we undertook, particularly the refurbishment of the building’s 6,500 windows, an innovative process completed in a phenomenal less than six months.

It has been exhilarating to be part of this project of historical importance. But sometimes it seems like the best part was the drive and professionalism that every person brought every day. It’s hard to explain because we expect, and get, top performance from sub-contractors on every project we undertake. I’m accustomed to seeing people on their A game. But the Empire State Building retrofit brought out a level of collaboration and dedication that I can only describe as A-plus.

Even though the retrofit itself is done, the energy reduction effort will continue for several years as tenant leases are renegotiated to include conservation measures in their spaces. So I’ll continue to be involved, but many of the pros I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the past couple of years aren’t onsite any more. To all of you, thanks for making it fun.

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