ISO14001 – What can it do for you?

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Achsah Carter
EMEA Upstream Sustainability Services

ISO14001 is an internationally recognised, standard set of guidelines for assessing an environmental management system (EMS). It can be applied to any EMS, for an individual building or portfolio of buildings, head office functions, or a particular business process such as construction. Following the guidelines helps ensure your EMS complies with legislation, leads to continuous improvement and uses best practice. A registered ISO14001 auditor can assess your EMS using the guidelines and issue an ISO14001 certificate.

A client had been struggling to see the purpose of ISO14001 and some aspects of the process seemed unnecessarily onerous. For example, an ISO14001 auditor had highlighted the need to carry out “Duty of Care” checks for waste leaving sites, by phoning the stated destination on a waste transfer note and checking that waste has actually arrived. Building managers initially grumbled that this felt like a waste of time. However, one month later, a building manager phoned me in a state of great excitement. She had phoned her waste facility and discovered her waste contractor was over-reporting waste leaving the site and charging for collections even when bins were empty! She was then able to confront the contractor, reduce her waste costs for the site and reduce the number of vehicle movements needed in the area.

Certifying your EMS to ISO14001 has additional benefits allowing you to:

  • Reduce your risk of breaching environmental legislation
  • Drive environmental improvements and cost savings
  • Communicate your commitment to the environment to internal and external stakeholders

Jones Lang LaSalle an excellent track record of helping investors, developers and commercial property companies to develop ISO14001-compliant EMS’s and successfully taking clients through the ISO14001 certification process. Please contact me if you are interested in either developing an EMS or bringing your existing EMS up to ISO14001 standard.

3 thoughts on “ISO14001 – What can it do for you?

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