Green buildings, green space…what about green tenants?

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Bob Best
Energy and Sustainability Services

The real estate industry is doing a wonderful job making buildings greener through programs like LEED, Green Globes and ENERGY STAR.  And, many tenants are building out their space to be green.

Why does it end there?

What happens after the tenants move in and occupy their space?  How do they become green, stay green and measure their level of sustainability on an on-going basis? 

These are questions we ask, as the sustainability movement gets more deeply entrenched in the workplace.  In fact, we are rolling out a tool to help occupants in buildings do exactly that.  The “Green Tenant Assessment” is based on a questionnaire completed by the office manager.  It examines areas like employee commuting practices, recycling participation, lighting and temperature controls; then distills the responses into scores in all areas of tenant sustainability, including an overall score.

The tool establishes a baseline of performance, using industry-recognized practices, and allows the tenant to measure its progress toward improvement.  One of the most important aspects is that the tenant has something meaningful to communicate to its employees about their progress in getting greener.

Employees say they want to be more sustainable.  It’s time to help them get there, and stay there.


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