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Philip Hirst
EMEA Upstream Sustainability Services

What a difference five years makes!  As somebody who last attended the EcoBuild event in 2006, the difference walking into the Excel Conference centre in London for the 2011 conference was huge. 

Obviously, the conference has grown in line with interest in sustainability, however, other trends were evident: the predominance of solar photovoltaic installers, high numbers of companies from China and India and large, multinational product suppliers exhibiting. 

Another interesting trend was the presence of suppliers of “normal” building products or tools, with no obvious sustainability features, suggesting that sustainable construction is becoming mainstream construction.

In terms of the seminars, there were a large number on the Carbon Reduction Commitment topic of carbon reduction and seminars I attended included titles like ‘Drivers for improving energy efficiency’ and “Designing differently: Climate Change Adaptation”. 

Refurbishment was also a key theme, although this year commercial properties were a focus of many sessions with titles including “Benefitting from commercial property refurbishment” and “Improving EPC ratings through refurbishment: a holistic view of the economics”.

A final trend was an increase in the ambition of some of the seminars away form product focused sessions to cover challenging intellectual topics, such as ‘The psychology of climate change’ presentation given by Baroness Susan Greenfield of Oxford University and Professor Brian Cox’s lecture discussing whether science could save us from climate change.

Here’s to the next five years of EcoBuild and sustainability – look out for my next blog in 2016!

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