Roof age affects solar power opportunity

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Peter Belisle
Energy and Sustainability, President

Owners are starting to get the message that a solar power installation can be a financially viable, even lucrative, strategy for the right property. Several factors go into that consideration: state and local incentives, the amount of pressure on local utilities to acquire solar power, and the size of the roof are some of the more obvious consideration. Less widely known is that the age and condition of the roof can make or break a solar power deal.

A new building may be able to support a solar installation with no trouble, while a 10-year-old roof may not be the best candidate for solar; however, an old roof in need of replacement may be a great place for a third-party solar array. In some cases, solar power developers will pay all or part of the cost of replacement in return for a long-term lease of the new rooftop.

You can hear me talk more on this topic on the Commercial Property Executive blog site.

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