Earth hour, every hour

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John Natoli
Senior Vice President – HSBC Account

My Children and I spent Earth Hour turning off all surge protectors, fridges, heating and air systems and along the way we monitored our electric meter to see what type of affect these shut downs had on the meter. Our goal was to time the meters revolutions and see if we could reduce the usage to the point where it did the same revolution in half of the time.

We make sustainability a priority every day. Over the past few years, we’ve changed all bulbs in the house to CFL, replaced shower heads with low flow heads, our toilets with low flow models and have made some changes to our HVAC and water heating system which have achieved over $100.00 per month savings in our utility bill! We also  compost all compostable waste and recycle all cardboard, papers, cans, bottles and batteries and just replaced our car for a Toyota Prius.

Having young children has made the largest impression upon me with regards to sustainability and I feel it is something we need to do and more importantly pass on to the next generation.  I know that some of these changes cost money and do not see a return. However, it’s not all about money and a number of these changes have been made over the years as a replacement when something goes or needs an upgrade. Our project for this summer is a rain water catching system to water our garden. We looked  into this system (on my wireless, Energy Star, Bamboo (sustainable product) encased laptop) while sitting in the dark during Earth Hour.

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