Think green, act green, act NOW!

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Belen Lopez
Residential Development & Investment, EMEA

As part of Jones Lang LaSalle’s sustainability drive and commitment to a greener future the re-invigorated, ACT Champions focus group has been working hard to disseminate information around Jones Lang LaSalle offices. Working closely with Richard Howling, English Business COO & CFO, and the ACT governance committee, ACT Champions across regional offices have implemented the “Time To Switch Off” initiative to coincide with Earth Hour. ACT Champions walked around their office floors talking to members of staff about this initiative, encouraging them to think green and turn off/switch off printers, monitors, pcs and mobile phone chargers. Posters and stickers from the Carbon Trust were also put up to remind staff of the importance of reducing our energy consumption.

“Time to Switch Off” is progressing considerably well with some suggestions already received by the ACT Champions but we need more. It would be great for Jones Lang LaSalle staff to engage even further with this initiative and we’re encouraging everyone to put their thinking caps on. Every single suggestion is welcome, don’t be shy in coming forward. After all the sky is the limit and sometimes even the craziest of ideas are worth considering! Together, as they say, we CAN make a difference. Think green, act green, act NOW!

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