Earth Day means spring is around the corner

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Helee Hillman
Project and Development Services

Earth Day is one of my very favorite days because it means spring is around the corner!  With spring comes new beginnings, and for me I’m promising some new sustainable habits too.  I made a 2011 goal of reusing everything at least once before recycling it – i.e. plastic/paper/shopping bags, water bottles, etc., and using reusable bags for the grocery store.  My Earth Day 2011 will kick off on Thursday 4/21/11 at Navistar’s campus in Lisle to co-facilitate an Earth Day program for employees that Jones Lang LaSalle has helped Navistar create.  There will be several experiential booths on sustainable construction, waste management, etc. and the Jones Lang LaSalle crew will carpool out to Lisle (per usual!)  After that I will head to the airport and I’d usually take a cab alone; however, in the spirit of the day I will take the el.  Friday, I’ll be in California visiting friends and I plan to spend the day enjoying nature’s marvels and fresh air on a hike.

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