LED lights help our planet

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Tom Mumma
MES Technician

Below is a photo of a bank where I installed three LED flood lights replacing old metal halide lights. We went from 525 watts of usage to 60 watts. I will slowly be changing all of my branches to these lights as they fail. Just wanted you to know us guys on the front lines are trying to do our part to help out planet.





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  1. Doug Graves

    We are replacing 400w MH pole lights when the ballasts go out with a Global Tech 6″ LED retrofit that will do anything from 135watts to 60 watts depending on which dip switches you select. UL listed, TRUE 100,000 hour guarantee by driving the LED harder at end of life AND have ability to dim, lower light levels automatically after 3,6,9, hours then back up in the morning AUTOMATICALLY with just put of dip switch. Expensive…$750 but… best quality I have seen on the market. Does anyone have have anything better?


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