Helping our tenants with spring cleaning

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Mike Konczewski
Property Manager

In the Philadelphia region, we’ll be celebrating Earth Day by helping our tenants with their spring cleaning.   777 Township Line Road, 1515 Market Street and the University of Pennsylvania will be holding free electronics recycling events.  Tenants can get rid of all their old computers, phone, radios, batteries, and other unneeded electronics, which Jones Lang LaSalle staff will then collect and send to a local e-waste processor.  All the useful metals and parts will be reclaimed, with the remainder burned in trash to steam plants; nothing will go into a landfill.  Last year’s event collected over 2,000 pounds of obsolete equipment, and we expect to bring in even more this year.

1515 Market will also be offering free paper shredding, as well as hosting a furniture and office supply swap.  Jones Lang LaSalle is providing space in 1515 for tenants to stage their “gently used” furniture and excess office supplies.  On the 20th, tenants can help themselves to anything they can use.   Any unused items will be donated to a local charity.  As an added bonus, we are handing out free tree saplings and Earth Day information to all tenants.

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