Make environmental improvements a reality

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Jiri Skopek
Energy and Sustainability Services

Notwithstanding all the electronic communications, there’s no substitute for the personal contact of an all-staff gathering. In informal conversations, Property and Facility Managers are pumped up to make energy and environmental improvements to their buildings. How can you make this a reality? Many were interested to hear how Green Globes can make it possible – within literally just a few hours – to scope the possibilities, plan an energy and sustainability strategy, and begin with baby steps. The best part is that the Green Globes approach makes it possible to measure and report on the improvements incrementally. Another barrier, we were told is that the multitude of the green programs sometimes means they often have to re-input the utility data into each new program, which is tedious, time consuming and can lead to mistakes.

That’s why the development of Jones Lang LaSalle One View platform with a simple universal data input, which can be used by ALL the environmental services that we offer is so important.

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