Wireless technologies leading to ‘brilliant buildings’

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Gary Graham
Energy and Sustainability

A quiet revolution seems to be underway. New wireless controls are allowing buildings to more easily connect building components, like lighting, to achieve smarter control and reduce energy consumption.

While the concept of building automation systems is nothing new, one of the factors limiting the scope of building systems has been the expense of wiring.  Buildings have connected key systems through wired points, but there has always been a limit as to what was included. 

Now, wireless controls are creeping into commercial buildings, allowing tighter control of a much broader array of building systems and activities.

Couple this with the increasing sophistication of management software programs through concepts like automated continuous commissioning, and you see a change from “smart” buildings to “brilliant” buildings … that use a lot less energy.

They say that “information is power,” but we are learning that more information can actually mean less power.  A good thing.

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