My 6 year old son wants you to read this book (“Six Sigma for Sustainability”)

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Michael Jordan
Strategic Consulting

A couple weeks ago McGraw-Hill started shipping the book I co-authored with Dan Probst (Global Chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle’s Energy & Sustainability Business) and Tom McCarty (long time Six Sigma guru).  We combined environmental sustainability content with the process rigor and change management that comes with Six Sigma because we felt that the Six Sigma framework is a great platform for execution.

As all good Six Sigma programs do, we start with the development of the company business case.  We show examples of how companies have collected requirements related to business issues such as talent attraction, customer demands, and regulations to create the business case for improving the environmental impact of operations.  We talk about cost savings and we show examples of how savings are created.

In addition to the technical Six Sigma tools for measurement and design (“House of Quality”), we explain the use of a collaborative management model to maximize stakeholder involvement and results.  If you are looking for simple ways to break down sustainability, don’t forget to check out the appendix, where we show a complete sustainability transfer function and a great example of financial business case development.

My son, Cooper, dictated to me the foreword for the book.  He calls it “our book” now.  I was amazed how he rattled off the importance of the “three R’s,” of “not trashing the Earth,” and other concepts he learned from a song (!) and from his teacher.  Cooper’s only problem with the book is that I referenced him as five years old and now he is six!

When you have a chance, check out the book, Six Sigma for Sustainability, Cooper says so!

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