Two birds, one stone: Productivity and CSR

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Joel Quintal
Jones Lang LaSalle, Australia

In preparing for World Green Building Week, I asked our Australia COO how green buildings play a part in managing our firm’s own real estate needs. It was clear from her response that it comes down to how our occupancy strategy contributes to the triple bottom line and delivering on the corporate responsibility objectives of our firm.

This is of course the approach that is needed for embedding sustainability and efficient operations into everyday business, and to succeed with this approach organisations need to focus on areas where they can get the most bang for their buck. When you consider that an organisation’s highest cost base is typically spend on their employees, it comes as no surprise that there is growing attention towards how green building practices impact on employee productivity.

In the latest Jones Lang LaSalle publication Green Buildings Driving Employee Productivity, we examine the potential links between green buildings and employee productivity, how they might be measured, and how companies might benefit from this understanding to make informed business decisions.

Optimising employee productivity is a complex science and one must not overlook the organisational and management context, an individual’s job satisfaction, and the social environment. However, by providing adequate natural ventilation, comfortable internal noise levels, access to natural light, ability to control local heating and cooling, and the provision of facilities such as breakout areas, cyclist amenities and plants to keep the air clear, you are positively impacting on employee comfort and increasing the green credentials of your building.

The next time you are considering your occupancy strategy you might like to consider how you can use the features inherent in a green building to keep your staff healthier, happier, and more productive so that you can positively hit that triple bottom line.

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