Little contributions can bring good results

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George Amador
Jones Lang LaSalle, Brazil

Practices adopted globally and applied to local markets can make all the difference for large organizations, specially multinationals. Outsourcing facility-related activities to market experts service providers offers organizations a level of know-how and expertise that only companies whose core business is this type of service are able to deliver. 

“By focusing exclusively on its core business activities the client takes major step towards improving internal services, reducing costs and developing sustainable practices”, explains George Amador, Director of Facilities – Jones Lang LaSalle Brazil.

Among the sustainable practices adopted by Jones Lang LaSalle the most prominent is the utilities management system, which is responsible for managing the use of water, electricity and gas. At Unilever, one of the largest consumer goods companies in Brazil, the Jones Lang LaSalle team in charge of Integrated Facility Management contributed for the company to reduce its power consumption by 4.5% and water consumption by 28.5% in 2010. Energy savings were achieved by replacing regular lamps for LED ones and introducing occupancy sensors in the stairway, as well as by replacing the existing power generators for new and more efficient ones.

Unilever states that the company goals for the coming years in Brazil regarding sustainable practices are ambitious and that Jones Lang LaSalle is aligned with all of them.

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