Renewable heat incentives coming to building near you….

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Erin Karsten
Jones Lang LaSalle, UK

On 30 September, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) officially and finally launches in the UK. It is the first incentive scheme of its kind anywhere in the world and has a lot of people excited…or at least those of us ‘in the know’! What makes it especially interesting for the UK property market is that it is geared to the owners of commercial and industrial property – and that’s who and what we know best! The incentive allows for the use of technologies such as biomass boilers, ground and water-source heat pumps, small-scale solar thermal and biogas combustion in certain instances and pays for the heat metered per KWh over a 20-year period.

The challenge for us is to spread the word on the RHI to clients, so they understand that heating and hot water represents over half of their energy usage and spend, and so we can help them save carbon and cash. When it comes to replacing end-of-life heating (and cooling) systems, clients need to stop doing what they’ve always done…replacing like for like. They need some fresh thinking…and what we are hoping is that the financial and environmental attractions of this incentive will encourage them to do just that, but we need more people ‘in the know’…so now that you’ve read this…go on…let someone else know…and tell them (and remind yourself) to ask me more about the new RHI!

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