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Elsbeth Quispel
Jones Lang LaSalle, Netherlands

Today we have our 20st annual real estate symposium. Here we present the results from our annual research study among institutional investors. A ‘golden brick’ is awarded for the best institutional investor every year. This year the topic is ‘Generations in real estate’. Since several years sustainability is one of the topics addressed in our research study. In 2010, we’ve introduced the ‘green brick’ for the most sustainable investor, to motivate all investors to further pick up this important real estate topic: sustainability.

This year, we have based this award on the results of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) for all participating Dutch real estate funds.

Around 17 CET Unibail Rodamco will be awarded with the ‘Green brick 2011’ being the most sustainable investor of the year. The GRESB results show that Unibail-Rodamco outperforms its Dutch peers on Management and Policy (87%) as well as for Implementation & Measurement (63%). The Dutch average for the latter is 16%. On a global level Unibal-Rodamco takes the 28th place from 340 participating funds. Within Europe they are number 10 out of 195. From all 70 global participating listed funds Unibail-Rodamco is number 8.

I’m proud to say Jones Lang LaSalle is a member of the GRESB advisory board; which has already evaluated this years’ GRESB benchmark and is preparing for next year. Hopefully also then more funds will participate and we can again award the ‘Green brick’ for the most sustainable Dutch Investor. In the meantime our Greendesk (Dutch sustainability consultant team) continues to advise our clients on sustainability and support both investors and corporate occupiers with the opportunity to ‘green’ their real estate. For 2012 we’ll also publish a research study on sustainability within the Dutch corporate occupier market as a follow up on the 2008 and 2010 reports.

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