Is that an electric vehicle around the corner?

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Bob Best
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For the past year or so commercial buildings have been considering the need for installing electric vehicle charging stations.  Without a lot of electric vehicles on the road, though, the demand has been lower than expected.  So, few buildings have installed stations.

From my own recent experiences, that is about to change.

Nissan is starting to deliver all-electric Leafs on a large scale.  Many of these customers have been on waiting lists since last year.  The guy who sits next to me at work is picking his up on October 1.  Nissan has even started advertising the Leaf on television.

Another colleague in Atlanta bought a Chevrolet Volt in Dallas last May and drove it home because he could not buy one in Atlanta.  While the Volt has a gas engine, it’s intended to be an electric car – with the gas engine as a back-up.

And, when I go through the garage at my office every morning, there is a beautiful orange Tesla plugged into a wall socket on Level 1.


Several weeks ago the Illinois Chamber of Commerce sponsored an electric car event and invited people to a local test track to test many of the current models.  There were a lot of people in attendance – with long lines to try out the vehicles.

Okay, this research is not too scientific.  But, it seems to that it’s time for buildings with garages or parking lots to start looking around the next corner.  There may well be an electric vehicle there … in search for a place to plug in.

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