ENERGY STAR shines brighter and brighter

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Bob Best
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One of the unsung heroes in the quest of commercial office buildings to become more sustainable has been the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program, now over ten years old.

While assessment/certification systems like LEED and Green Globes get a lot of deserved attention, ENERGY STAR has been the core program in making buildings more energy efficient.  In fact, both LEED and Green Globes rely on ENERGY STAR ratings, to a large extent, for the energy component of their programs.

The question in building management today is not, “Why should I use ENERGY STAR?” but “Why aren’t you using ENERGY STAR?”  It’s free.  It has become the accepted measure of building energy performance. 

Consider the accelerating acceptance and use of ENERGY STAR:

–  More than 187,000 buildings eligible to receive an ENERGY STAR score have used its “Portfolio Manager” program
–  More than 580,000 buildings have been benchmarked in Portfolio Manager – just since 2009
–  More than 14,500 buildings have earned ENERGY STAR certification

While we often look at government programs with a skeptical eye, here’s one that really works. 

And, it’s getting better all the time.

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