How we have transformed – and stayed the same – in our latest CSR Report

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Sarah Nicholls
EMEA Upstream Sustainability Services

The global output of Corporate Responsibility reports increased to nearly 6,000 publications from 1992 to 2010, of which nearly 40% use the Global Reporting Initiative framework according to the Corporate Register Reporting Awards publication. Jones Lang LaSalle has contributed to this growing statistic, as our latest global CSR Report, entitled ‘Where we stand: Building beyond tomorrow’, was prepared in accordance with GRI guidelines to an initial, self-evaluated disclosure level C.

Launched in early September, the 2010 CSR Report not only highlights milestones in our reporting journey, but it also reveals the immense progress we have made around our CSR commitments. I worked on a different iteration of our CSR Report two years ago – and the achievement that stands out in my mind is how much we have matured since that publication. We have added more sustainability professionals, developed new services lines, trialled different business models, initiated countless efforts to participate in renowned industry bodies and revolutionised our sustainability thought-leadership. These activities serve as defining characteristics throughout this latest CSR Report, collectively revealing the large impact we are making towards achieving sustainable real estate.

While the type and number of achievements have grown since my first involvement with Jones Lang LaSalle’s CSR reporting, I am proud to say that our CSR values as a Company have not changed, but instead are stronger than ever. With this unwavering foundation in place, we continue to understand the importance of establishing long-term, trusted relationships. And although we remain focused on business priorities, we place utmost importance on fulfilling our role as corporate citizens by conducting business in a trustworthy and ethical manner.     

Given these two threads of the CSR Report – dynamic change in some ways and a resolute stronghold in other ways – my reaction to finishing this project was ‘when can I start the next one’ (okay, perhaps I’ll need a few days reprieve). Much like this year’s publication, I anticipate the next edition will be an even more transparent account of our progress as sustainability leaders and the undeniable opportunity to greatly influence the property sector.

So although we are proud of aligning with the most widely-used reporting framework, we are even more proud of the Jones Lang LaSalle voice within our CSR Report. It shows we take our responsibility as corporate citizens seriously and that as a business, we will continue to contribute to the viability and sustainability of the world in the long-term. We will achieve this by doing all that we did in 2010 – and making sure we do even more in 2011 and beyond.

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