Sustainability reporting goes interactive

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Dan Probst - Jones Lang LaSallePosted by:
Dan Probst
Energy and Sustainability Services

When I think of our Corporate Social Responsibility report, I’m usually thinking about the content—our initiatives in diversity and inclusion, community support, and of course the advances we’ve made in energy and sustainability. As someone who oversees the collection and analysis of some of the information in the CSR report, I tend to think of it in terms of outcomes.

Now our latest Global Sustainability Perspective makes me think about CSR reporting itself as an evolving art. Some consumer-facing companies now include social media vehicles in their CSR messages, so that people can discuss their policies and practices on sustainability and other social issues. And a few companies are starting to combine their financial and CSR information into one integrated report.

We’ve taken some small steps in the direction of these trends. This blog accepts comments, and a Facebook page for our employees keeps up an internal conversation on sustainability in the workplace. Our CSR report isn’t integrated with financial reporting, but it does discuss progress on our internal sustainability initiatives alongside the work we do for clients. Most important, we recognize that sustainability and responsibility are key drivers of our long-term financial success.

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