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A low impact woodland home

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Denise Michela Sofia
EMEA Upstream Sustainability Services

My favorite property in the world is a beautiful, sustainable house, which happens to be in Wales.  Built by Simon Dale, his father-in law, and some good friends, its most sophisticated plan was a hand-drawn sketch on a crumpled piece of paper. It took 4 months to build, and cost… Read More

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Look at the big picture for big energy savings

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Carey Guerin
Sustainability University

Balancing the big picture with the details can be tricky. However, finding this balance can be very powerful when addressing a building’s energy needs and energy costs.

One way of achieving good balance is to take an integrated approach that looks at the synergistic aspects of various energy-reduction programs to achieve an optimal balance.  

Often times energy… Read More

The power of information

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Lauralee Martin
Chief Financial Officer

Jones Lang LaSalle is pleased to congratulate our friends at the Carbon Disclosure Project on winning the prestigious Zayed Future Energy Prize for NGOs and SMEs. This recognition is well deserved but not easy to get.

The Zayed Future Energy Prize was created four years ago to recognize leadership and innovation in sustainable development and to… Read More

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Denver Gold

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Chuck Kelly
Senior Vice President, Operations
United States

As a firm, we focus so intensely on serving clients that people can forget we have our own commitment to energy and sustainability to fulfill.  The news this week that we have gained LEED for Commercial Interiors Gold certification for our Denver office serves as a reminder that we are following through… Read More

Smart buildings, portfolios and cities

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Dan Probst
Energy and Sustainability Services

Buildings with smart systems can identify, diagnose and often correct potential issues without human involvement, saving energy and extending equipment life as well as reducing facility labor costs. 2011 saw the advent of two big steps forward for smart technology in buildings: 1) corporate portfolio-wide systems, and 2) cloud-based systems.

These… Read More