Green economy: Does it include you?

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Frederico Vasconcellos
Jones Lang LaSalle, Brazil

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) announced on 22 February that Brazil will host World Environment Day 2012 on 5 June. The theme of this year will be Green Economy: Does it include you?and promotes discussion of whether green economic development can deliver results on social, economic and environmental outcomes. The country will also host Rio+20 this year. There, world leaders and nations will gather in order to design a future that takes sustainable development from theory and patchy success to the locomotive of transformational change.

For Brazilian people, these events help raise awareness of the value of sustainable development. For example, a Jones Lang LaSalle property management team that follows good energy and sustainability practices can play an important role in helping the environment, while at the same reducing operating costs and creating a workplace that promotes good health, well-being and productivity of the building’s occupants.

Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and that means we are consuming more and more energy, water, food, paper, construction materials, and potentially wasting a lot of money in inefficient offices and industrial buildings. How can we first change our habits and then help transform our clients’ and occupants’ habits? The first step is to make people aware of the opportunity and the need, and events like Rio+20 and World Environment Day taking place in Brazil helps people to understand that the green economy includes everyone.

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